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      ECHA published registrants names and registration numbers
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      The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has now published company names and registration numbers from REACH registration dossiers. ECHA will add further information from safety data sheets to its website over the coming months. This publication follows the 2011 decision to extend the content of information published on chemicals to include company names, registration numbers and PBT/vPvB assessment results. Registrants were able to review their dossiers and submit confidentiality claims before the end of October 2012 if publication of the additional information was seen to harm their legitimate commercial interests. As planned, ECHA has now started releasing the additional information that has not been claimed confidential.


      The company names and registration numbers as submitted in REACH registration dossiers have now been published, per substance registered. This amounts to some 26 000 company names and registration numbers. At the same time, the search function has been extended. The remaining company names for a minority of the registration dossiers will be published over the coming months.


      Company names are not being published from registration dossiers for which registrants have requested that their company name be kept confidential and where ECHA assesses their request as being valid. ECHA would like to remind companies that if they have authorisation from ECHA or a Member State to use an alternative name for a substance in their mixture(s), they can leave out the registration number of the substance in their safety data sheet(s). This means that the identity of the substance for which an alternative chemical name has been granted, will remain confidential.


      The next release, starting in December, will see the publication of the PBT/vPvB assessment results.


      News from ECHA


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