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      Reliability laboratory
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      The reliability laboratory is mainly engaged in the system solutions of the reliability test, reliability design and process improvement of electric and electronic products, electrical appliances, connectors, automotive electronics and packaging products. The test items include climate reliability, mechanical reliability, product accelerated aging, product accelerated corrosion, accelerated light ageing, etc., and the reliability laboratory provides the reliability life evaluation for customers so as to ensure the product quality and reliability.


      1.Salt spray test machine


      2.The phone slide test machine


      3.Phone clamshell test machine


      4.The soft calender hard pressure testing machine


      5.Climate chamber


      6.Distort test machine


      7.Reliability laboratory


      8.The drum drop test machine


      9.High and low temperature


      10.Drop test machine


      11.Electrodynamic Shaker


      12.Touch screen click crossed equipment


      13.Buttons and touch screen test machine

      climate and environment test

      High Temperature Test

      GB/T2423.2    IEC60068-2-2   EIA-364-17    MIL-STD-202

      Low Temperature Test

      GB/T2423.1      IEC60068-2-1   EIA-364-59

      Rapidity Temperature Change Test

      GB/T2423.22  IEC60068-2-14

      Thermal Shock Test

      GB/T2423.22  IEC60068-2-14   EIA-364-32      MIL-STD-202

      Constant Temperature & Humidity Test

      GB/T2423.3       IEC60068-2-78  MIL-STD-202

      Temperature Change Test

      GB/T2423.22 IEC60068-2-14

      Damp heat, Cyclic Test

      GB/T2423.4      IEC60068-2-30

      Composite Temperature & Humidity Cyclic Test

      GB/T2423.34  IEC60068-2-38   MIL-STD-202

      Salt Test

      GB/T2423.17   IEC60068-2-11  GB/T10125    ASTMB117     

      GB/T2423.18     IEC60068-2-52  ASTMB 368      

      ISO 9227        MIL-STD-202     EIA-364-26      ASTMG 85


      IEC60529       GB/T4208        IEC60598

      UV Test

      ISO 4892.3      GB/T16422.3    ASTMG 154      

      ASTMD 4674

      Xenon Test

      ISO 4892.2      GB/T16422.2     ASTMG 155     

      ASTMD 4459

      Mixed Flowing Gas Test

      EIA-364-65      GB/T2423.51     IEC60068-2-60   

      DIN 50018       GB/T2423.33

      Low Air Pressure Test

      GB/T2423.21     IEC60068-2-13

      Ozone Test

      GB/T7762        ISO 1431-1


      JESD22-A102-C  JESD22-A110B  JESD22-A118

      Grey Scale Test

      GB/T250         ISO 105 A02

      Color Difference Test

      ASTMD 2244



      mechanical test

      Vibration Test

      GB/T 2423.56     IEC 60068-2-64    ASTM D4728     

      GB/T 4857.23     IEC 60068-2-6   GB/T 2423.10   

      ISO 8318        GB/T 4857.10     EIA-364-28    

       MIL-STD-202      IEC 61373

      Mechanical Shock Test

      GB/T 2423.5     

      IEC 60068-2-27  EIA-364-27      MIL-STD-202      IEC 61373

      Impact Test

      IEC 60068-2-27  GB/T 2423.6     GB/T 4857.20

      Drop Test

      GB/T 2423.8      ISO 2248        GB/T 4857.5

      RCA Test

      ASTM F 2357

      Alcohol,Eraser,Pencil Abrasion Test

      GB/T 6739       ASTM D 3363



      combined environment test



      Vibraion&Temperature&Humidity Test

      GB/T2423.35     GB/T2423.36




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